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The use of organ donor blood in liver transplantation

Gia Toan Tang, Ruth Shaylor, Victor Hui, Greg Przybylowski, Robert McLaren Jones, Graham Starkey, Marcos Vinicius Perini, Bao-Zhong Wang, Daniela Zantomio, Chris Hogan, Michael Anthony Fink



BACKGROUND: Blood removed from organs during deceased donor organ procurement is routinely discarded but is a potential resource for donor-specific transfusion (DST) in subsequent liver transplantation (LT). This study retrospectively analyses the impact of DST on intraoperative bank blood product usage, long-term graft, and patient survival, as well as frequency of rejection post-LT. METHODS: A total of 992 adult LT performed from 1993 to 2018 in a single quaternary center were included. Intraoperative blood product usage, patient, and graft survival, as well as acute and chronic rejection were assessed in patients who received blood retrieved from the organ donor, the "donor blood" (DB) gr..

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