Thesis / Dissertation

Echolocation as a Means for People with Visual Impairment (PVI) to Acquire Spatial Knowledge of Virtual Space

Ronny Andrade, Jenny Waycott, Steven Baker, Frank Vetere

ACM Transactions on Accessible Computing | Published : 2021


In virtual environments, spatial information is communicated visually. This prevents people with visual impairment (PVI) from accessing such spaces. In this article, we investigate whether echolocation could be used as a tool to convey spatial information by answering the following research questions: What features of virtual space can be perceived by PVI through the use of echolocation? How does active echolocation support PVI in acquiring spatial knowledge of a virtual space? And what are PVI's opinions regarding the use of echolocation to acquire landmark and survey knowledge of virtual space? To answer these questions, we conducted a two-part within-subjects experiment with 12 people who..

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