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DLL4 and PDGF-BB regulate migration of human iPSC-derived skeletal myogenic progenitors

Giulia Ferrari, SungWoo Choi, Louise A Moyle, Kirsty Mackinlay, Naira Naouar, Christine Wells, Francesco Muntoni, Francesco Saverio Tedesco

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory


SUMMARYMuscle satellite stem cells (MuSCs) are responsible for skeletal muscle growth and regeneration. Despite their differentiation potential, human MuSCs have limitedin vitroexpansion andin vivomigration capacity, limiting their use in cell therapies for diseases affecting multiple skeletal muscle groups such as muscular dystrophies. Several protocols have been developed to derive progenitor cells similar to MuSCs from human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs), in order to establish a source of myogenic cells with controllable proliferation and differentiation capacity. However, currently available hiPSC myogenic derivatives also suffer from limitations of cell migration, ultimately d..

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