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The balancing act: Protein, lipid and seaweed dietary levels to maximize gonad quantity in a wild-caught sea urchin

Fletcher Warren-Myers, Giovanni Turchini, Stephen E Swearer, David Francis, Tim Dempster



Sea urchin gonads (roe) are a prized global sea food commodity, with growing demand driving the need for urchin roe enhancement aquaculture. Effective roe enhancement of urchins using formulated feeds require species-specific optimization and an understanding of the interactions between key dietary components (e.g. protein, lipid, carbohydrate, energy and/or algal supplements). Here, we tested 18 formulated feeds on the sea urchin Heliocidaris erythrogramma, collected from barrens. The 18 iso-energetic (~20 MJ/kg) feed combinations contained one of three protein levels (250, 375 or 500 g/kg), three lipid levels (73, 101 or 131 g/kg) combined with a single (45 g/kg Sargassum spp.) or multiple..

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Awarded by Agrifutures Australia

Funding Acknowledgements

Agrifutures Australia, Grant/Award Number: PRJ-010410; AquaTrophic Pty Ltd