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Associations between social adversity and young children's hair cortisol: A systematic review.

Hannah E Bryson, Anna Mh Price, Sharon Goldfeld, Fiona Mensah

Psychoneuroendocrinology | Published : 2021


Psychosocial and socioeconomic adversity in early childhood (termed 'social adversity') can have lifelong detrimental effects on health and development. Physiological stress is one proposed mechanism by which social adversity 'gets under the skin'. There is substantial research interest in whether hair cortisol, a biomarker proposed to measure the cumulative physiological stress response over time, can illustrate this mechanism. As a result, a growing number of studies have tested for associations between indicators of social adversity and child hair cortisol. The aim of this paper is to conduct a comprehensive, systematic review of the evidence for associations between indicators of social ..

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