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N Ferguson-Noel, NK Armour, AH Noormohammadi, M El-Gazzar, JM Bradbury

Diseases of Poultry | Published : 2019


Avian mycoplasmosis is a collection of diseases of worldwide distribution caused by bacteria in the genus Mycoplasma affecting several bird species. This chapter offers detailed coverage of the history, etiology, pathobiology, diagnosis, and intervention strategies of various Mycoplasma infections. Mycoplasma gallisepticum and M. synoviae were inactivated in infected chicken hatching eggs that reached 45.6°C-45.8°C during a 12- to 14-hour heating procedure. Progeny of Mycoplasma synoviae-infected breeders may have increased air sac condemnations, reduced weight gains, and reduced feed efficiency. Mycoplasma iowae strains give poor antibody response in chickens and turkeys. Mycoplasma meleagr..

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