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Seropositivity and geographical distribution of Strongyloides stercoralis in Australia: A study of pathology laboratory data from 2012-2016

Jennifer Shield, Sabine Braat, Matthew Watts, Gemma Robertson, Miles Beaman, James McLeod, Robert W Baird, Julie Hart, Jennifer Robson, Rogan Lee, Stuart McKessar, Suellen Nicholson, Johanna Mayer-Coverdale, Beverley-Ann Biggs



BACKGROUND: There are no national prevalence studies of Strongyloides stercoralis infection in Australia, although it is known to be endemic in northern Australia and is reported in high risk groups such as immigrants and returned travellers. We aimed to determine the seropositivity (number positive per 100,000 of population and percent positive of those tested) and geographical distribution of S. stercoralis by using data from pathology laboratories. METHODOLOGY: We contacted all seven Australian laboratories that undertake Strongyloides serological (ELISA antibody) testing to request de-identified data from 2012-2016 inclusive. Six responded. One provided positive data only. The number of ..

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Funding Acknowledgements

This work is dedicated to the memory of the late Emeritus Professor Rick Speare whose work will have a lasting impact on public health and the control of strongyloidiasis in Australia. We thank the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community for their support for this project. We thank Jennifer MacLachlan for the suggestion to analyse the data by ABS SA3 regions and to use Tableau software for the maps. We acknowledge Strongyloides Australia Inc. formerly the National Strongyloides Working Group for their support of this project.