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γδ T Cells in Merkel Cell Carcinomas Have a Proinflammatory Profile Prognostic of Patient Survival.

Nicholas A Gherardin, Kelly Waldeck, Alex Caneborg, Luciano G Martelotto, Shiva Balachander, Magnus Zethoven, Pasquale M Petrone, Andrew Pattison, James S Wilmott, Sergio M Quiñones-Parra, Fernando Rossello, Atara Posner, Annie Wong, Alison M Weppler, Kerwin F Shannon, Angela Hong, Peter M Ferguson, Valerie Jakrot, Jeanette Raleigh, Athena Hatzimihalis Show all

Cancer Immunology Research | Published : 2021


Merkel cell carcinomas (MCC) are immunogenic skin cancers associated with viral infection or UV mutagenesis. To study T-cell infiltrates in MCC, we analyzed 58 MCC lesions from 39 patients using multiplex-IHC/immunofluorescence (m-IHC/IF). CD4+ or CD8+ T cells comprised the majority of infiltrating T lymphocytes in most tumors. However, almost half of the tumors harbored prominent CD4/CD8 double-negative (DN) T-cell infiltrates (>20% DN T cells), and in 12% of cases, DN T cells represented the majority of T cells. Flow cytometric analysis of single-cell suspensions from fresh tumors identified DN T cells as predominantly Vδ2- γδ T cells. In the context of γδ T-cell inflammation, these cells ..

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