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DAAM2 is elevated in the circulation and placenta in pregnancies complicated by fetal growth restriction and is regulated by hypoxia

Natasha de Alwis, Sally Beard, Natalie K Binder, Natasha Pritchard, Tu'uhevaha J Kaitu'u-Lino, Susan P Walker, Owen Stock, Katie Groom, Scott Petersen, Amanda Henry, Joanne M Said, Sean Seeho, Stefan C Kane, Lisa Hui, Stephen Tong, Natalie J Hannan



Previously, we identified increased maternal circulating DAAM2 mRNA in pregnancies complicated by preterm fetal growth restriction (FGR). Here, we assessed whether circulating DAAM2 mRNA could detect FGR, and whether the DAAM2 gene, known to play roles in the Wnt signalling pathway is expressed in human placenta and associated with dysfunction and FGR. We performed linear regression analysis to calculate area under the ROC curve (AUC) for DAAM2 mRNA expression in the maternal circulation of pregnancies complicated by preterm FGR. DAAM2 mRNA expression was assessed across gestation by qPCR. DAAM2 protein and mRNA expression was assessed in preterm FGR placenta using western blot and qPCR. DAA..

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