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Multi-scale life cycle energy analysis of residential buildings in Victoria, Australia-A typology perspective

Shengping Li, Greg Foliente, Seongwon Seo, Behzad Rismanchi, Lu Aye



The residential building sector is a substantial contributor to energy use in Australia. In existing studies, life cycle energy (LCE) of residential buildings is seldom evaluated from the multi-scale perspective and such considerations rarely consider building typologies. This study presents a bottom-up framework to evaluate the LCE of residential buildings at multiple scales, including the component, building and regional levels. This framework can synthetically connect LCE between different scales and assess inter-scale impact in the built environment. In this framework, residential buildings are classified by embodied impact attributes (housing type, construction year, and construction ty..

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Funding Acknowledgements

All authors would like to thank CSIRO and Dr Zhengen Ren for providing the AusZEH software. The authors are also grateful to Professor Liyin Shen for his insightful comments and helpful suggestions. This work was conducted within the Department of Infrastructure Engineering as a part of the PhD thesis of Shengping Li, who has been supported by the China Scholarship Council and the University of Melbourne Scholarship.