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Nivolumab (NIVO) ipilimumab (IPI) 2 cycles of platinum-doublet chemotherapy (chemo) vs 4 cycles chemo as first-line (1L) treatment (tx) for stage IV/recurrent non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC): CheckMate 9LA.

Martin Reck, Tudor-Eliade Ciuleanu, Manuel Cobo Dols, Michael Schenker, Bogdan Zurawski, Juliana Menezes, Eduardo Richardet, Jaafar Bennouna, Enriqueta Felip, Oscar Juan-Vidal, Aurella Alexandru, Hiroshi Sakai, Arnaud Scherpereel, Shun Lu, Thomas John, David Paul Carbone, Stephanie Meadows-Shropshire, Jinchun Yan, Luis G Paz-Ares

Journal of Clinical Oncology | American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) | Published : 2020


9501 Background: NIVO + IPI was shown to improve overall survival (OS) and durability of response vs chemo in 1L advanced NSCLC in CheckMate 227 Part 1, regardless of PD-L1 expression. We hypothesized that a limited course of chemo combined with NIVO + IPI could provide rapid disease control while building on the durable OS benefit seen with dual PD-1 and CTLA-4 inhibition. CheckMate 9LA (NCT03215706) is a phase 3 randomized study evaluating NIVO + IPI + 2 cycles chemo vs chemo in 1L stage IV/recurrent NSCLC. Methods: Adults with tx-naive, histologically confirmed stage IV/recurrent NSCLC, ECOG performance status 0–1, and no known sensitizing EGFR/ALK alterations were randomized 1:1 to NIVO..

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