Conference Proceedings

Abstract 929: Paired tumor and cfDNA in patients with HER2-mutant solid tumors treated with neratinib reveals convergence of multiple on-target resistance mechanisms: Results from the SUMMIT "Basket" Trial

Helen H Won, S Duygu Selcuklu, Sarina A Piha-Paul, Cristina Saura, Jordi Rodon, Ingrid A Mayer, Sherene Loi, Geoffrey I Shapiro, Janice Lu, Adam Brufsky, Catherine Zimel, Myra Melcer, Maurizio Scaltriti, Lisa D Eli, Richard E Cutler, Alshad S Lalani, Richard P Bryce, Carlos Arteaga, Funda Meric-Bernstam, Michael F Berger Show all

Experimental and Molecular Therapeutics | American Association for Cancer Research | Published : 2019