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Heterogeneity within and between physician-diagnosed asthma and/or COPD: NOVELTY cohort.

Helen K Reddel, Jørgen Vestbo, Alvar Agustí, Gary P Anderson, Aruna T Bansal, Richard Beasley, Elisabeth H Bel, Christer Janson, Barry Make, Ian D Pavord, David Price, Eleni Rapsomaniki, Niklas Karlsson, Donna K Finch, Javier Nuevo, Alex de Giorgio-Miller, Marianna Alacqua, Rod Hughes, Hana Müllerová, Maria Gerhardsson de Verdier Show all

Eur Respir J | Published : 2021


BACKGROUND: Studies of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) typically focus on these diagnoses separately, limiting understanding of disease mechanisms and treatment options. NOVELTY is a global, 3-year, prospective observational study of patients with asthma and/or COPD from real-world clinical practice. We investigated heterogeneity and overlap by diagnosis and severity in this cohort. METHODS: Patients with physician-assigned asthma, COPD or both (asthma+COPD) were enrolled, and stratified by diagnosis and severity. Baseline characteristics were reported descriptively by physician-assigned diagnosis and/or severity. Factors associated with physician-assessed severity we..

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