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#DataCreativities: Developing a trans-disciplinary data visualization framework from Arts practice to teaching and learning during COVID19

Thomas Cochrane, Kathryn Coleman, Amanda Belton, Emily Fitzgerald, Solange Glasser, Julian Harris, Gene Melzack, Kristal Spreadborough, Kenna MacTavish

Vol. 3 No. 1 (2021): SoTEL Symposium 2021 Abstracts | Auckland University | Published : 2021


Transdisciplinarity and collaboration are key capabilities that need to be fostered by authentic higher education learning environments to prepare our graduates for an unknown future (Barnett, 2012). These capabilities need to be modelled through the practice of academics, and even more so during a global pandemic such as COVID19 in response to the changing ways in which professions, and in particular the arts that have traditionally relied upon face-to-face interaction, have rapidly pivoted to online modes of interaction. In response, this project is conceived as a transdisciplinary collaboration between the University of Melbourne Faculty of Fine Arts and Music (FFAM), the Graduate School ..

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