Journal article

Paediatric tuberculosi: new advances to close persistent gaps

Ben J Marais, Sabine Verkuijl, Martina Casenghi, Rina Triasih, Anneke C Hesseling, Anna M Mandalakas, Olivier Marcy, James A Seddon, Stephen M Graham, Farhana Amanullah

International Journal of Infectious Diseases | Elsevier BV | Published : 2021


Young children are most vulnerable to develop severe forms of tuberculosis (TB) and are over- represented among TB deaths. Almost all children estimated to have died from TB were never diagnosed or offered TB treatment. Improved access to TB preventive treatment (TPT) requires major upscaling of household contact investigation with allocation of adequate resources. Symptom-based screening is often discouraged in adults for fear of generating drug resistance, if TB cases are missed. However, the situation in vulnerable young children is different, as they present minimal risk of drug resistance generation. Further, the perceived need for additional diagnostic evaluation presents a major bar..

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