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Systemic methylprednisolone for hearing preservation during cochlear implant surgery: A double blinded placebo-controlled trial

Stephen J O'Leary, June Choi, Karina Brady, Sheila Matthews, Katie Boncza Ozdowska, Matthew Payne, Tim McLean, Alex Rousset, Jonathon Lo, Nathan Creber, Sylvia Tari, Richard Dowell, Robert Briggs



AIM: To assess whether a single, peri-operative, high dose of methylprednisolone can improve the preservation of residual acoustic hearing following cochlear implantation (CI). METHODS: This was a double blinded placebo-controlled trial, performed in a tertiary academic centre. The hypothesis was that methylprednisolone would improve the preservation of hearing, and lower electrode impedances. Adult patients (18-85 years) with hearing at 85 dB or better at 500 Hz in the ear to be implanted were randomly allocated to either treatment (methylprednisolone, 1g administered intravenously upon induction of anaesthesia) or control (normal saline infusion). As per standard clinical practice, all pat..

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