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Association of refraction and ocular biometry in highly myopic eyes.

Yanxian Chen, Decai Wang, Linxing Chen, William Yan, Mingguang He

Clinical and Experimental Optometry | Published : 2021


Clinical relevance: Ocular biometry is key to understanding the determinants of ocular development and pathology changes, especially for the thriving myopic population in Asia. Investigating biometric data in highly myopic eyes within a wide age spectrum is therefore of high importance.Background: To report the magnitude of change in spherical equivalent for each unit of change in the ocular biometry parameters in a highly myopic population in China.Methods: Highly myopic patients aged 7 to 70 years were recruited from the Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center, China. Each patient had a cycloplegic refraction and a measurement of ocular biometry.Results: Data from 823 right eyes were available for ana..

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