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Presenting symptoms of COVID-19 and clinical outcomes in hospitalised older adults

Kate Gregorevic, Andrea Maier, Roeisa Miranda, Paula Loveland, Katherine Miller, Kirsty Buising, Caroline Marshall, Bronwyn O'Gorman, Amanda Tan, Kylie Staggard, Tessa O'Halloran, Huong Xuan Thi Nguyen, Jessica Disler, Frances Crotty, Kai Lim, Joseph Cianter, Cate Kelly, Kwang Lim



BACKGROUND: In July 2020, a COVID-19 outbreak was recognised in the geriatric wards at a subacute campus of the Royal Melbourne Hospital affecting patients and staff. Patients were also admitted to this site after diagnosis in residential care. AIMS: To describe the early symptoms and the outcomes of COVID-19 in older adults. METHODS: Patients diagnosed with COVID-19 at the facility in July or August 2020 were identified and their medical records were examined to identify symptoms present before and after their diagnosis and to determine their outcomes. RESULTS: Overall, 106 patients were identified as having COVID-19, with median age of 84.3 years (range 41-104 years); 64 were diagnosed as ..

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