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Postpartum ovulation and early pregnancy in the menstruating spiny mouse, Acomys cahirinus

Jarrod McKenna, Nadia Bellofiore, Evdokia Dimitriadis, Peter Temple-Smith

Scientific Reports | Nature Publishing Group | Published : 2021


Egyptian spiny mice are the only known species to have human-like menstruation and a postpartum ovulation. Unfortunately, no endocrine or morphological evidence has been provided for a postpartum ovulation in spiny mice, and while later stages of pregnancy have been well studied, early events including embryo implantation and spiral artery remodelling have not been reported. This study compared the sex steroid endocrinology and reproductive tract morphology of dams at eight timepoints (n = 40) postpartum to determine the timing of ovulation and the timing and invasiveness of embryo implantation in A. cahirinus. Reproductive tracts were fixed and stained for histology and immunohistochemistry..

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Funding Acknowledgements

JM was supported financially by an Australian Government Research Training Program scholarship supported by Monash University. Funding to perform experiments was provided by the Education Program in Reproduction and Development. The authors acknowledge the input of Dr. Sally Catt and Dr. Mulyoto Pangestu in the editing of this manuscript.