Thesis / Dissertation

Flame Wall Interactions for Flames Diluted by Hot Combustion Products

Bin Jiang, Robert Gordon (ed.)

Published : 2020


Flames diluted by combustion products can reduce emissions such as Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx) in industrial applications. In applications such as gas turbines, these flames are confined in a combustor and can interact with relatively cold walls. This interaction can quench the flame, producing incomplete combustion products. In this study, Flame-Wall Interaction (FWI) for methane/air flames diluted by hot combustion products was investigated using Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS). One-Dimensional (1D) Head-On Quenching (HOQ) was first simulated to examine operating parameter effects on CO emissions from transient quenching processes. Average CO within the quenching r..

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