Thesis / Dissertation

Electronic spectroscopy of small carbocations

Giel Muller, Evan Bieske (ed.)

Published : 2020


This work focuses on the measurement and analysis of gas-phase electronic spectra of C4H2+, C4H4+, C4H5+, and C6H4+ cations. The spectra are recorded by photodissociating the cations, or their messenger tagged complexes, in a tandem mass spectrometer and monitoring the photofragment signal as a function of laser wavelength. Ultimately, structural and energetic information extracted from these spectra, complemented by quantum chemical calculations, may provide insights into the roles of cations in the chemistry of flames, plasmas, and extraterrestrial environments. Understanding the vibronic structures of the cations is also fundamental for facilitating their possible detection in remote envi..

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