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Prevalence of muscle dysmorphia in adolescents: findings from the EveryBODY study.

Deborah Mitchison, Jonathan Mond, Scott Griffiths, Phillipa Hay, Jason M Nagata, Kay Bussey, Nora Trompeter, Alexandra Lonergan, Stuart B Murray

Psychol Med | Published : 2021


BACKGROUND: We sought to provide the first point prevalence estimates of muscle dysmorphia (MD), a form of body dysmorphic disorder characterized by a preoccupation with perceived insufficient muscularity, in adolescents. METHODS: Data were taken from a survey of 3618 Australian adolescents (11.172-19.76 years; 49.3% girls). Measures captured demographic characteristics, symptoms of MD and eating disorders, psychological distress and functional impairment. Diagnostic criteria for MD developed by Pope et al. (1997, Psychosomatics, 38(6), 548-557) were applied, entailing preoccupation with insufficient muscularity causing significant levels of distress or disability that cannot be better accou..

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