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Expression quantitative trait loci of genes predicting outcome are associated with survival of multiple myeloma patients

Angelica Macauda, Chiara Piredda, Alyssa Clay-Gilmour, Juan Sainz, Gabriele Buda, Miroslaw Markiewicz, Torben Barington, Elad Ziv, Michelle AT Hildebrandt, Alem A Belachew, Judit Varkonyi, Witold Prejzner, Agnieszka Druzd-Sitek, John Spinelli, Niels Frost Andersen, Jonathan N Hofmann, Marek Dudzinski, Joaquin Martinez-Lopez, Elzbieta Iskierka-Jazdzewska, Roger L Milne Show all



Gene expression profiling can be used for predicting survival in multiple myeloma (MM) and identifying patients who will benefit from particular types of therapy. Some germline single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) act as expression quantitative trait loci (eQTLs) showing strong associations with gene expression levels. We performed an association study to test whether eQTLs of genes reported to be associated with prognosis of MM patients are directly associated with measures of adverse outcome. Using the genotype-tissue expression portal, we identified a total of 16 candidate genes with at least one eQTL SNP associated with their expression with P < 10-7 either in EBV-transformed B-lymphoc..

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Awarded by Canadian Institutes of Health Research

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Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Grant/Award Number: 81274; Huntsman Cancer Institute Pilot Funds; Leukemia Lymphoma Society, Grant/Award Number: 6067-09; the National Institute of Health/National Cancer Institute, Grant/Award Numbers: P30 CA016672, P30 CA042014, P30 CA13148, P50 CA186781, R01 CA107476, R01 CA134674, R01 CA168762, R01 CA186646, R01 CA235026, R21 CA155951, R25 CA092049, R25 CA47888, U54 CA118948; Utah Population Database, Utah Cancer Registry, Huntsman Cancer Center Support Grant, Utah State Department of Health, University of Utah; VicHealth, Cancer Council Victoria, Australian National Health and Medical Research Council, Grant/Award Numbers: 1074383, 209057, 396414; Victorian Cancer Registry, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, Australian National Death Index, Australian Cancer Database; Mayo Clinic Cancer Center; University of Pisa and DKFZ