Journal article

Nutrient copper signaling promotes protein turnover by allosteric activation of ubiquitin E2D conjugases

CM Opazo, A Lotan, Z Xiao, B Zhang, MA Greenough, CM Lim, H Trytell, A Ramírez, AA Ukuwela, CH Mawal, J McKenna, DN Saunders, R Burke, PR Gooley, AI Bush

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory


SUMMARYNutrient copper supply is critical for cell growth and differentiation, and its disturbance is associated with major pathologies including cancer and neurodegeneration. Although increasing copper bioavailability in late Precambrian facilitated emergence of novel cuproproteins, their intricate regulation by this essential trace element remains largely cryptic. We found that subtle rises in cellular copper strikingly increase polyubiquitination and accelerate protein degradation within 30 minutes in numerous mammalian cell lines. We track this surprising observation to allostery induced in the UBE2D ubiquitin conjugase clade through a conserved CXXXC sub-femtomolar-affinity Cu+ binding ..

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