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Neural correlates of metacognition across the adult lifespan

Helen Overhoff, Yiu Hong Ko, Daniel Feuerriegel, Gereon Fink, Jutta Stahl, Peter Weiss, Stefan Bode, Eva Niessen

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory | Published : 2021


Metacognitive accuracy describes the degree of overlap between the subjective perception of one’s decision accuracy (i.e., confidence) and objectively observed performance. With older age, the need for accurate metacognitive evaluation increases; however, error detection rates typically decrease. We investigated the effect of ageing on metacognitive accuracy using event-related potentials (ERPs) reflecting error detection and confidence: the error/correct negativity (N e/c ) and the error/correct positivity (P e/c ). Sixty-five healthy adults (20 to 76 years) completed a complex perceptual task and provided confidence ratings. We found that metacognitive accuracy declined with age beyond the..

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