Journal article

Positional dependency in Murrinhpatha: expanding the typology of non-canonical morphotactics

Rachel Nordlinger, John Mansfield

Linguistics Vanguard | Walter de Gruyter GmbH | Published : 2021


Principles of morphotactics are a major source of morphological diversity amongst the world’s languages, and it is well-known that languages exhibit many different types of deviation from a canonical ideal in which there is a unique and consistent mapping between function and form. In this paper we present data from Murrinhpatha (non-Pama-Nyungan, northern Australia) that demonstrates a type of non-canonical morphotactics so far unattested in the literature, one which we call positional dependency. This type is unusual in that the non-canonical pattern is driven by morphological form rather than by morphosyntactic function. In this case the realisation of one morph is dependent on the positi..

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