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Spin-Crossover 2-D Hofmann Frameworks Incorporating an Amide-Functionalized Ligand: N-(pyridin-4-yl)benzamide

Xandria Ong, Manan Ahmed, Luonan Xu, Ashley T Brennan, Carol Hua, Katrina A Zenere, Zixi Xie, Cameron J Kepert, Benjamin J Powell, Suzanne M Neville

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Two analogous 2-D Hofmann-type frameworks, which incorporate the novel ligand N-(pyridin-4-yl)benzamide (benpy) [FeII(benpy)2M(CN)4]·2H2O (M = Pd (Pd(benpy)) and Pt (Pt(benpy))) are reported. The benpy ligand was explored to facilitate spin-crossover (SCO) cooperativity via amide group hydrogen bonding. Structural analyses of the 2-D Hofmann frameworks revealed benpy-guest hydrogen bonding and benpy-benpy aromatic contacts. Both analogues exhibited single-step hysteretic spin-crossover (SCO) transitions, with the metal-cyanide linker (M = Pd or Pt) impacting the SCO spin-state transition temperature and hysteresis loop width (Pd(benpy): T½↓↑: 201, 218 K, ∆T: 17 K and Pt(benpy): T½↓↑: 206, 22..

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