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Using Mass Cytometry to Analyze the Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocytes in Human Melanoma

Daniela Tantalo, Nguyen Thu, Han Xian Aw Yeang, Joe Zhu, Sean Macdonald, Minyu Wang, Harini de Silva, Criselle D'Souza, Angela Pizzolla, Paul J Neeson, KM Hargadon (ed.)

MELANOMA | HUMANA PRESS INC | Published : 2021


Here we describe the application of mass cytometry to analyze tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes in human melanoma. Mass cytometry is the coupling of flow cytometry and mass spectrometry, which allows for the simultaneous measurement of 40+ cell parameters on a per cell basis. Heavy metal-labeled antibodies can bind to proteins (CD markers, transcription factors, cytokines) on the cell surface and in the cytoplasm/nucleus. As labeled cells pass through the CyTOF, the instrument detects the heavy metals. Combining these signals allows description of melanoma tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes at a greater depth than alternative phenotyping strategies and enables detailed analyses of a variety of cell..

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