Thesis / Dissertation

Transformation and Security Analysis of NLFSR-based Stream Ciphers

Ge Yao, Udaya Parampalli (ed.)

Published : 2020


The Nonlinear Feedback Shift Register (NLFSR) based stream cipher is becoming the mainstream design of modern stream ciphers. The properties of high operation speed, small footprint in hardware and low power consumption make such ciphers preferable in resource constrained applications requiring secure communications. In the last decade, many NLFSR-based stream ciphers have been proposed, among which the Grain family ciphers are the most mature and well studied ciphers. However, security concerns hinder the development and application of such ciphers. Cryptanalytic attacks like the Time-Memory-Data Trade-Off (TMDTO) attack requires that the size of the internal state should be at least twice ..

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