Book Chapter

Prevention and early intervention in psychotic disorders

Emre Bora, Mahesh Jayaram, Christos Pantelis

New Oxford Textbook of Psychiatry | Oxford University Press | Published : 2020


This chapter considers treatment approaches in early psychosis and the possibility of prevention prior to the development of illness. The chapter first considers the various definitions of the pre-psychotic state, including prodrome, and the concept of clinical high-risk (CHR) groups. The CHR groups, including the ultra-high-risk (UHR) and basic symptoms (BS) groups aim to identify individuals at imminent risk of transitioning to full-blown psychosis. Further, the chapter summarizes the notion of a staging model for psychosis, which incorporates these earliest pre-psychosis stages, and considers the onset and progression of the illness to chronicity, with differing intervention options for e..

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