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Machine learning discovered nano-circuitry for nonlinear ion transport in nanoporous materials

Hualin Zhan, Richard Sandberg, Zhiyuan Xiong, Qinghua Liang, Ke Xie, Lianhai Zu, Dan Li, Jefferson Zhe Liu

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Abstract Connecting physio-chemical theory with electrical model is essential yet difficult for evaluating the impact of nonlinear ion transport on the performance of ionic circuits and electrochemical energy storage devices1-6. Here we demonstrate that machine learning can resolve this difficulty and produce physics-based nano-circuitry. Starting from a physio-chemical perspective, we first reveal an anomalous diffusion-enhanced migration of ions in nanopores, which exhibits a nonlinear electrical response. Using machine learning, we discover its underlying mathematical equation, and produce a dynamically varying ionic resistance for construction of nano-circuitry model. Based on th..

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