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Deep mitochondrial divergence within a Heliconius butterfly species is not explained by cryptic speciation or endosymbiotic bacteria

Astrid G Munoz, Simon W Baxter, Mauricio Linares, Chris D Jiggins



BACKGROUND: Cryptic population structure can be an indicator of incipient speciation or historical processes. We investigated a previously documented deep break in the mitochondrial haplotypes of Heliconius erato chestertonii to explore the possibility of cryptic speciation, and also the possible presence of endosymbiont bacteria that might drive mitochondrial population structure. RESULTS: Among a sample of 315 individuals from 16 populations of western Colombia, two principal mtDNA clades were detected with 2.15% divergence and we confirmed this structure was weakly associated with geography. The first mtDNA clade included 87% of individuals from northern populations and was the sister gro..

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AGM was supported by COLCIENCIAS, Facultad de Ciencias and Vicerrectoria de Investigaciones, Universidad de los Andes. ML and AGM were funded by Banco de la Republica (Project 2582), and private donations (Continautos S. A., Proficol El Carmen S. A. and Didacol S. A). CDJ was fund by Funding from a Leverhulme Research Leadership grant.