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Genomic libraries: I. Construction and screening of fosmid genomic libraries.

Mike A Quail, Lucy Matthews, Sarah Sims, Christine Lloyd, Helen Beasley, Simon W Baxter

Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) | Published : 2011


Large insert genome libraries have been a core resource required to sequence genomes, analyze haplotypes, and aid gene discovery. While next generation sequencing technologies are revolutionizing the field of genomics, traditional genome libraries will still be required for accurate genome assembly. Their utility is also being extended to functional studies for understanding DNA regulatory elements. Here, we present a detailed method for constructing genomic fosmid libraries, testing for common contaminants, gridding the library to nylon membranes, then hybridizing the library membranes with a radiolabeled probe to identify corresponding genomic clones. While this chapter focuses on fosmid l..

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