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3D Functional Genomics Screens Identify CREBBP as a Targetable Driver in Aggressive Triple-Negative Breast Cancer.

Barrie Peck, Philip Bland, Ioanna Mavrommati, Gareth Muirhead, Hannah Cottom, Patty T Wai, Sarah L Maguire, Holly E Barker, Eamonn Morrison, Divya Kriplani, Lu Yu, Amy Gibson, Giulia Falgari, Keith Brennan, Gillian Farnie, Richard Buus, Rebecca Marlow, Daniela Novo, Eleanor Knight, Naomi Guppy Show all

Cancer Res | Published : 2021


Triple-negative breast cancers (TNBC) are resistant to standard-of-care chemotherapy and lack known targetable driver gene alterations. Identification of novel drivers could aid the discovery of new treatment strategies for this hard-to-treat patient population, yet studies using high-throughput and accurate models to define the functions of driver genes in TNBC to date have been limited. Here, we employed unbiased functional genomics screening of the 200 most frequently mutated genes in breast cancer, using spheroid cultures to model in vivo-like conditions, and identified the histone acetyltransferase CREBBP as a novel tumor suppressor in TNBC. CREBBP protein expression in patient tumor sa..

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