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Differential rescue of visceral and cardiac defects in Drosophila by vertebrate tinman-related genes.

M Park, C Lewis, D Turbay, A Chung, JN Chen, S Evans, RE Breitbart, MC Fishman, S Izumo, R Bodmer

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A | Published : 1998


tinman, a mesodermal NK2-type homeobox gene, is absolutely required for the subdivision of the early Drosophila mesoderm and for the formation of the heart as well as the visceral muscle primordia. Several vertebrate relatives of tinman, many of which are predominately expressed in the very early cardiac progenitors (and pharyngeal endoderm), also seem to promote heart development. Here, we show that most of these vertebrate tinman-related genes can readily substitute for Drosophila tinman function in promoting visceral mesoderm-specific marker gene expression, but much less in promoting cardiac-specific gene expression indicative of heart development. In addition, another mesodermal NK2-typ..

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