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The impact of ovariectomy and chronic estrogen treatment on gene expression in the rat cortex: Implications for psychiatric disorders

Brian Dean, Andrea Gogos



Estrogens, via estrogen-mediated changes in CNS function, have been suggested to be beneficial in the treatment of several psychiatric disorders. Few studies have used transcriptomic technologies to determine the effect of estrogen on gene expression in the CNS. Thus, we aimed to examine the impact of ovariectomy (the removal of all ovarian hormones) and estrogen replacement on rat frontal cortical gene expression. We used the Agilent SurePrint G3 Gene Expression Rat Array to measure levels of RNA in intact (cycling) female rats and in ovariectomized rats that were, or were not, given 17β-estradiol in implants for 4 weeks. Compared to untreated ovariectomized rats, intact rats (effect of ova..

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