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Effect of camera position on egocentric localisation with Simulated Prosthetic Vision

D Prabhu, L Wise, C MacMahon, M de Man, M Petoe, C McCarthy

Engineering Research Express | Published : 2021


Objective: The positioning of the external camera in current designs of retinal prostheses may affect the egocentric spatial frame of reference and lead to pointing and localisation errors. The present simulated prosthetic vision (SPV) study investigated the immediate effects of four camera positions: (i) centre-mounted (CM), (ii) head-mounted (HM), (iii) left-mounted (LM), (iv) right-mounted (RM) on egocentric localisation. Approach: Fifteen sighted participants performed a pointing task while viewing the stimulus through a simulation of Bionic Vision Technologies' 44-channel retinal prosthesis. Pointing responses were recorded immediately after exposure to different camera positions and pr..

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