Journal article

Real time, field-deployable whole genome sequencing of malaria parasites using nanopore technology

Zahra Razook, Somya Mehra, Brittany Gilchrist, Digjaya Utama, Dulcie Lautu-Gumal, Abebe Fola, Didier Menard, James Kazura, Moses Laman, Ivo Mueller, Leanne Robinson, Melanie Bahlo, Alyssa Barry

Published : 2020


ABSTRACT Malaria parasite genomes have been generated predominantly using short read sequencing technology which can be slow, requires advanced laboratory training and does not adequately interrogate complex genomic regions that harbour important malaria virulence determinants. The portable Oxford Nanopore Technologies MinION platform generates long reads in real time and may overcome these limitations. We present compelling evidence that Nanopore sequencing delivers valuable additional information for malaria parasites with comparable data fidelity for single nucleotide variant (SNV) calls, compared to standard Illumina whole genome sequencing. We demonstrate this through sequencing of pure..

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