Journal article

Automated Machine Learning for High-Throughput Image-Based Plant Phenotyping

Joshua CO Koh, German Spangenberg, Surya Kant

REMOTE SENSING | MDPI | Published : 2021


Automated machine learning (AutoML) has been heralded as the next wave in artificial intelligence with its promise to deliver high‐performance end‐to‐end machine learning pipelines with minimal effort from the user. However, despite AutoML showing great promise for computer vision tasks, to the best of our knowledge, no study has used AutoML for image‐based plant phe-notyping. To address this gap in knowledge, we examined the application of AutoML for image-based plant phenotyping using wheat lodging assessment with unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) imagery as an example. The performance of an open‐source AutoML framework, AutoKeras, in image classification and regression tasks was compared to t..

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