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Current and future advances in fluorescence-based visualization of plant cell wall components and cell wall biosynthetic machineries

Brian T DeVree, Lisa M Steiner, Sylwia Glazowska, Felix Ruhnow, Klaus Herburger, Staffan Persson, Jozef Mravec



Plant cell wall-derived biomass serves as a renewable source of energy and materials with increasing importance. The cell walls are biomacromolecular assemblies defined by a fine arrangement of different classes of polysaccharides, proteoglycans, and aromatic polymers and are one of the most complex structures in Nature. One of the most challenging tasks of cell biology and biomass biotechnology research is to image the structure and organization of this complex matrix, as well as to visualize the compartmentalized, multiplayer biosynthetic machineries that build the elaborate cell wall architecture. Better knowledge of the plant cells, cell walls, and whole tissue is essential for bioengine..

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Awarded by Danish Council for Independent Research

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Awarded by Novo Nordisk Foundation

Funding Acknowledgements

We thank the Danish Council for Independent Research (project no. 272-070152 to JM), the Villum Fonden (projects no. 25905 to SP, 17489 to JM, and 00023089 to KH), the Australian Research Council (projects no. DP190101941 and FT160100218 to SP), and the Novo Nordisk Foundation (project no. NNF19OC0056076 to SP) for funding.