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Effect of Temperature and Exposure Time on Cambium Cell Viability In Vitro for Eucalyptus Species

Yasika Medhavi Subasinghe Achchige, Liubov Volkova, Christopher J Weston

Forests | MDPI AG | Published : 2021


Research Highlights: Thermal damage to cambium cells of Eucalyptus held in vitro was recorded at sublethal temperatures (40 °C–50 °C) when the duration of exposure extends beyond 2.5 min up to 5 min. (2) Background and Objectives: During a forest fire, heat can be transferred through tree bark potentially impacting viability of vascular cambium cells and the perennial growth of the tree. With the increased temperature of the cambium, cells are known to lose viability at temperatures exceeding 60 °C. However, it is possible that extended exposure to temperatures below 60 °C may also impair cell viability. This study aimed to identify the effect of the temperature and exposure time interaction..

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Funding Acknowledgements

Authors acknowledge Vincent White and Leon Holt from VicForests for lending their assistance in obtaining the Forest Produce License, and Leon Holt for his assistance in selecting field sites. We thank Steve Smith for his technical support during the sample collection. We also thank Philip Polglase, Fedor Torgovnikov, and Rajitha Ratnayake for their assistance during sample collection and handling. Yasika Subasinghe Achchige acknowledges the Melbourne Research Scholarship from The University of Melbourne.