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Non-canonical metabolic pathways in the malaria parasite detected by isotope-tracing metabolomics

Simon A Cobbold, Madel Tutor, Philip Frasse, Emma McHugh, Markus Karnthaler, Darren J Creek, Audrey Odom John, Leann Tilley, Stuart A Ralph, Malcolm J McConville



The malaria parasite, Plasmodium falciparum, proliferates rapidly in human erythrocytes by actively scavenging multiple carbon sources and essential nutrients from its host cell. However, a global overview of the metabolic capacity of intraerythrocytic stages is missing. Using multiplex 13 C-labelling coupled with untargeted mass spectrometry and unsupervised isotopologue grouping, we have generated a draft metabolome of P. falciparum and its host erythrocyte consisting of 911 and 577 metabolites, respectively, corresponding to 41% of metabolites and over 70% of the metabolic reaction predicted from the parasite genome. An additional 89 metabolites and 92 reactions were identified that were ..

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Funding Acknowledgements

We thank Prof. Alan Cowman for plasmids and reagents prior to publication. MJM is a National Health and Medical Research Council Principal Research Fellow. LT is an ARC Laureate Fellow. We acknowledge grant support from the University of Melbourne (SAC), NHMRC (APP1098992 to LT and MJM), the Australian Research Council (DP180102729 to MJM and SAR) and the National Institute of Health (2R01AI103280-06 to AOJ). Bioplatforms Australia provided support of the Metabolomics Australia platform.