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Identification of Metabolically Quiescent Leishmania mexicana Parasites in Peripheral and Cured Dermal Granulomas Using Stable Isotope Tracing Imaging Mass Spectrometry

Joachim Kloehn, Berin A Boughton, Eleanor C Saunders, Sean O'Callaghan, Katrina J Binger, Malcolm J McConville



Leishmania are sandfly-transmitted protists that induce granulomatous lesions in their mammalian host. Although infected host cells in these tissues can exist in different activation states, the extent to which intracellular parasites stages also exist in different growth or physiological states remains poorly defined. Here, we have mapped the spatial distribution of metabolically quiescent and active subpopulations of Leishmania mexicana in dermal granulomas in susceptible BALB/c mice, using in vivo heavy water labeling and ultra high-resolution imaging mass spectrometry. Quantitation of the rate of turnover of parasite and host-specific lipids at high spatial resolution, suggested that the..

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