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Additive predictions of aboveground stand biomass in commercial logs and harvest residues for rotation age Pinus radiata plantations in New South Wales, Australia

Xixi Qiao, Huiquan Bi, Yun Li, Fabiano Ximenes, Christopher J Weston, Liubov Volkova, Mohammad Reza Ghaffariyan

Journal of Forestry Research | Springer Science and Business Media LLC | Published : 2021


Two systems of additive equations were developed to predict aboveground stand level biomass in log products and harvest residue from routinely measured or predicted stand variables for Pinus radiata plantations in New South Wales, Australia. These plantations were managed under three thinning regimes or stand types before clear-felling at rotation age by cut-to-length harvesters to produce sawlogs and pulpwood. The residue material following a clear-fell operation mainly consisted of stumps, branches and treetops, short off-cut and waste sections due to stem deformity, defects, damage and breakage. One system of equations did not include dummy variables for stand types in the model specifica..

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