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An endangered flightless grasshopper with strong genetic structure maintains population genetic variation despite extensive habitat loss

Ary A Hoffmann, Vanessa L White, Moshe Jasper, Hiromi Yagui, Steve J Sinclair, Michael R Kearney

Ecology and Evolution | WILEY | Published : 2021


Conservation research is dominated by vertebrate examples but the shorter generation times and high local population sizes of invertebrates may lead to very different management strategies, particularly for species with low movement rates. Here we investigate the genetic structure of an endangered flightless grasshopper, Keyacris scurra, which was used in classical evolutionary studies in the 1960s. It had a wide distribution across New South Wales (NSW) and Victoria in pre-European times but has now become threatened because of land clearing for agriculture and other activities. We revisited remnant sites of K. scurra, with populations now restricted to only one area in Victoria and a few s..

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