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Congenital muscular dystrophy with dropped head phenotype and cognitive impairment due to a novel mutation in the LMNA gene.

Ulrike Bonati, Nina Bechtel, Karl Heinimann, Erich Rutz, Jacques Schneider, Stephan Frank, Peter Weber, Dirk Fischer

Neuromuscul Disord | Elsevier BV | Published : 2014


Mutations in A-type nuclear lamins are known to cause a variety of diseases, which can affect almost all organs of the human body including striated muscle. For lamin-related congenital muscular dystrophy two different phenotypes are known to date. Here, we describe a 3-year-old, white Caucasian girl with a novel de novo mutation in the LMNA gene with marked hypotonia of neck and trunk muscles with dropped head posture, loss of cervical lordosis and marked joint laxity. In addition to this novel mutation, the patient also had cerebral white matter lesions on MRI and cognitive impairment on developmental testing. This is only the second A-type lamin-related congenital muscular dystrophy patie..

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