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Transverse plane rotation of the foot and transverse hip and pelvic kinematics in diplegic cerebral palsy.

MS Gaston, E Rutz, T Dreher, R Brunner

Gait Posture | Elsevier BV | Published : 2011


External rotation of the foot associated with mid-foot break is a commonly observed gait abnormality in diplegic CP patients. Previous studies have shown a correlation between equinus and internal hip rotation in hemiplegic patients. This study aimed to determine if there was a correlation between the amount of transverse plane rotation in diplegic CP patients using kinematic data from standardised gait analysis. Lower limb data of 134 ambulant children with diplegic CP was analysed retrospectively determining the maximum change in foot, hip and pelvis rotation during loading response. Highly significant negative correlations (P=<0.001) were found between foot and hip movements and foot and ..

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