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Clinical malaria incidence following an outbreak in Ecuador was predominantly associated with Plasmodium falciparum with recombinant variant antigen gene repertoires

Shazia Ruybal-Pesántez, Fabian Sáenz, Samantha Deed, Erik Johnson, Daniel Larremore, Claudia Vera-Arias, Kathryn Tiedje, Karen Day

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory | Published : 2021


To better understand the factors underlying the continued incidence of clinical episodes of falciparum malaria in E-2020 countries targeting elimination, we have characterised Plasmodium falciparum disease transmission dynamics after a clonal outbreak on the northwest coast of Ecuador over a period of two years. We apply a novel, high-resolution genotyping method, the “ var code” based on a single PCR to fingerprint the DBLα region of the 40-60 members of the variant surface antigen-encoding var multigene family. Var genes are highly polymorphic within and between genomes, with var repertoires rapidly evolving by outcrossing during the obligatory sexual phase of P. falciparum in the mosquito..

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