Book Chapter

All in All, It’s Just Another Stone in the Wall: From Safi to Sicily, 12th century Monumental Architecture in the Mediterranean

Louise Hitchcock, Shira Gur-Arieh, Laura Pisanu, Madeline Harris-Schober, Aren Maeir, Pietro Miletello

To Explore the Land of Canaan Studies in Biblical Archaeology in Honor of Jeffrey R. Chadwick | De Gruyter | Published : 2021


Worked stone architecture in Philistia is rare and usually limited to highly visible elements such as column bases, ritual features such as altars, and pavements. Our contribution presents a study of a selected group of minimally preserved but nonetheless important Iron I monumental buildings in Areas A and C at Tell es-Safi/Gath. These remains are situated within the context of what is known about “Sea Peoples’” architecture in the Mediterranean as seen at the 12th century BCE “Anaktoron” at Pantalica, Sicily and architectural changes in Sardinia. Our study demonstrates that monumental architecture was more widespread in the early Philistine period than originally thought.