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Intracranial black-blood MR angiography with high-resolution 3D fast spin echo.

AL Alexander, HR Buswell, Y Sun, BE Chapman, JS Tsuruda, DL Parker

Magn Reson Med | Published : 1998


Three-dimensional fast spin-echo (3DFSE) techniques are promising for black-blood imaging of cerebral vessels. In this study, flow-related signal dephasing was demonstrated as the primary mechanism for blood signal attenuation. Parameter optimization of TR (1500 to 3000 ms), receiver bandwidth (25 to 31.25 kHz), effective TE (25.7 to 30.1 ms), and ETL (7 to 8) was accomplished by making measurements of vessel-to-tissue contrast-to-noise ratios on vessels. A comparison of high-resolution 3DFSE and 3DTOF magnetic resonance angiography demonstrated that 3DFSE can generate images with equivalent or better small vessel detail than conventional techniques. 3DFSE black-blood techniques may provide ..

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